I successfully, though a bit timidly, taught my first lesson to a room full of 6th graders. Luckily my CT did me a very generous favor by allowing me to teach the lesson to the period before I was actually going to be supervised. That being said, I was able to revise and improve on how I delivered the lesson, and it went much more smoothly when I was actually being evaluated. At the beginning of 4th period, she had the "troublemakers" go into the class next door to work on a different assignment, so they wouldn't give me a hard time and made it much more possible for me to carry out the lesson! How did I get so blessed? The night before I was having nightmares about teaching in front of a class and particularly worried about those few students who would give me a hard time no matter what! I was so thankful that she did that for me and the weight has suddenly lifted!

Unfortunately, I found it hard to engage the students in anything that requires reading. It is strictly a reading class, but it is almost astonishing to see how many reluctant readers fill the room each day. They enjoyed the lesson, as there was a hands on activity, but it was still difficult. They began by reading a short story from a book of scary stories, and highlighting unfamiliar words within the text. They drew a word from a cup that would be the word they focused on with their partner. Each group received a vocab cube that had some specific questions about their words. The idea was that they would use context clues to find the meaning of the word before going to dictionary.com to find the actual definition. They then used it in a sentence of their own. All of this information was recorded in a box on the cube. After they were finished they cut out and taped the cubes. They turned out great, and I saved time at the end for sharing. 

Now that I have taught my first lesson, I have already made so many notes about what I could do differently and what I could incorporate to make the lesson stronger. But that's the point right? It was a very beneficial experience and I feel great now that it is done!


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    January 2014